Lessons & Training

Silver Lining Stables offers training and lessons for horse owners in Monroe, Connecticut and surrounding areas. Accommodating riders of all skill levels and horses of all types, our trainers specialize in Dressage and Eventing.

Our expansive facilities include 2 manicured arenas, as well as an array of jumps, cavaletti and other exercise equipment. We have experienced trainers who visit our farm often, in addition to owner Erin Gordon, who has worked horses for nearly 20 years. Students are welcome to work with our trainers or you may also select another trainer to come to the farm. We understand if you already have a connection with another trainer, and there are no additional ring fees or other charges for other trainers.

Whether you want to learn to ride, you are getting ready for a dressage competition, you want to compete in jumping, or you have another challenge in mind, our experienced trainers can help both you and your horse prepare. Students of all experience levels are welcome to train, and we offer various amenities in addition to boarding packages to make riding, training and practicing even easier. Lesson times are scheduled, and with our large arenas and limited number of total horses and riders, you do not have to worry about competing for space with other riders or having to deal with unplanned disruptions during your training session.

Learn more about the trainers available at Silver Lining Stables as well as all of the stable leasing and boarding options available by giving us a call today at 203-445-6318.

Silver Lining Stables is Unique

Though we are happy to help you with your training needs, we are also very understanding of those who have a special connection with a trainer already. Therefore, we are happy to allow you to bring your own trainer along to our farm, absolutely no ring fee or additional charge.
If you do not have a trainer who you love already, we would love to customize a plan with you to help you and your horse reach your goals.

Trainers Who Visit The Farm:

Erin Gordon – Experience in Dressage through 3rd Level. Regular training with Lendon Gray. Loves to work with green horses and starting babies.

Tara Ogrady – Primarily an Event trainer. Also has experience with babies.

SLS Lessons:
$75/ hour – Training and Lessons.

$50 – Training Pro Ride
Contact us for packages.

Silver Lining Stables Lesson Calendar