Your horses will have plenty of time to roam in turnout, bright, large airy stalls for the evenings and quality educated and attentive care at Silver Lining Stables.

Our horse boarding stables serving Monroe, Connecticut and the surrounding areas provide the highest level of care for your beloved horses. Every horse that stays at our stable is a part of our family, and we give each horse individualized attention and care. This personalized attention to detail is part of what sets our stable apart from other facilities, providing your horse with the exact care and treatment that you request to ensure that your horse is comfortable and relaxed while they stay with us.

Whether you are coming to a local college, lack the space for your horse at home, need more care than you have time to provide, or are looking for a community of people to enjoy your love of horses with; boarding is the perfect solution. Your horse can enjoy a high standard of care provided by a well trained and educated staff.  Take a look at our boarding programs, which both include grain, hay, stall cleaning and turnout.  As well as our a la carte menu which has additional services to assist with riding, lessons and training.

While your horse is boarded with us, you can rest assured that a watchful knowledgeable eye will be reviewing your horse’s health and well being on a regular basis. The owner, Erin Gordon, lives on the property and has been involved with horses for 20 years. In the event of an emergency, we have a number of experienced veterinarians who are ready to assist us at the first sign of a problem. If you have a relationship with a vet or farrier already and are interested in maintaining that relationship – we are more than happy to welcome them too.

To learn more about boarding your horse at Silver Lining Stables in Monroe, Connecticut, give us a call today at 203-445-6318.

The Goal:

of Silver Lining Stables is CUSTOM boarding. Adjusting blanketing, turnout schedules, feeding requirements, etc to the owners exact specifications. This extra-ordinary care creates a unique experience for horse and owner; back yard family farm atmosphere with high end, tailor-made attention to detail. Tell me your vision for your horse, together, we can make it happen.

Rough Board Now Available! – Contact Us For Details

Please Contact Us About Customizing the PERFECT Boarding Arrangement For You!

We know everyone has different needs – care options, turnout schedules, blanket changes, training goals, grain and hay requirements – please let us know what your needs are so we can customize a plan that is right for your horse and budget!

Standard Monthly Board – $1150 Includes:

Grain Blue Seal Strider or Dynasty Show Up To 4 Qts 2ce / Day
Hay 4 Times /Day (Turnout, Noon, TurnIn, Night Check)
Stall Cleaning Thoroughly cleaned in AM. Pick in PM if not turned out.
Turnout Daily in pasture or paddock. Weather Permitting.

Additional Services Available Ala Carte


Fully Inclusive Board $1300 Includes The Following:

Grain Owners Choice of Grain Up to 6 qts 2ce/Day 40 $ / Month
Hay Extra Hay in Stall (Turn In, Dinner, Night Check) 75 $ / Month
Blanket Changes Unlimited Blanket Changes 75 $ / Month
“Accessory Application” Unlimited Accessory Application & Changes (Includes Boots, Masks, Fly Spray, Sun Screen) 25 $ / Month
Laundry Weekly Laundry Service (Pads, Polos, Light Blankets) 25 $ / Month

Other Services Offered Ala Carte:

Grooming 30 Min Full Groom 20 $ / Groom
Bath 30 Min Shampoo & Tail Conditioning 30 $ / Bath
“Ready to Ride” Groomed & Tacked for owner to ride. – Must Schedule 24 hrs ahead 30 $ / Tack
Lunged 30 Min Lunging exercise with tack of owners choice. (Includes Groom) 35 $ / Lunge
Training Exercise

Medical Care

Tack Cleaning

1 hr Training Ride. Schooling on level of horses abilities. (Includes Groom)

Wrapping, Cold Hosing, Poulticing, or other necessary medical care

Thorough cleaning and conditioning of one saddle and bridle.

50 $ / Ride

Priced According To Level of Service

40$/ Cleaning

Contact Us for Alternative Board Packages