Local Businesses

These are the local businesses that Silver Lining Stables uses. Erin has taken the time to find the very best that provide the very best products and services to our farm.

Benedict’s Home and Garden (Purdy Hill Rd in Monroe) provides all of our grain and shavings. They have plenty of other gardening, feed, and power tools as well!

Stoney Acres Farm (Bethlehem, CT) provides the hay. Erin has traveled far and wide to find the very best hay for the horses. We have been using this hay for 2+ years and have been extremely pleased. The hay is delivered and stacked. We love supporting local family businesses!

Grand Prix Equine is just an example of one of the fine vets in the area. Dr Baus is the first call to the farm for any lameness issues or other “orthopedic” type injuries. For annual check ups, emergencies or general veterinary services Dr Kremberg is efficient and educated in all diagnostics and treatment.


An Equestrian Edge (Easton, CT) is the “go-to” trainer at Silver Lining Stables. While any trainer is more than welcome (including zero ring fees), for any of our clients that do not have a trainer in mind, Tara O’Grady is the go to trainer on the farm. She has also become a great personal friend to us.

Fairfield Equine (Newtown, CT) is one of the vets that we use for farm visits. While you are welcome to use any vet you choose, Fairfield Equine has provided excellent service to our own mare. Additionally, they have a state of the art surgical suite and some excellent doctors.

Candlewood Equine (Brookfield, CT) is another one of the excellent doctors that we use on the farm. While a full service practice, Dr Emond has been making routine visits to the farm lately for his equine reproductive abilities.

Equalign Chiropractic System Although it may sound strange to some, a horse chiropractor is the real deal. Not only do they work wonders on the horses, but they spread their magic to the boarders, and even the dogs! They travel around the country to various shows, so when they are in town, we don’t hesitate to have them come by for a farm call.

Vazzy’s Osteria in Monroe. Because sometimes even we need a break! Don’t forget lady’s night on Thursdays!

Eric Rook Farrier Service – There is no one more caring and attentive to each individual horse than Eric. He’s compassionate and educated – our horses each receive an independent schedule, trim/shoeing/balance and program.

ELG Photography is our resident Photographer. Many of the photos on this site are hers. She’s gifted in both Candid shots and Portrait Sessions.

Silver Lining Stables is proud to be a member of the Connecticut Farm Bureau. This is a great resource for anybody in the agriculture field. They have been very helpful answering all of our questions. We look forward to working with them more in the future!

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