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Erin & Sprite

About Erin Gordon:

Erin grew up in eastern Massachusetts and has been passionate about horses for almost twenty years. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in science from Roger Williams University where she was a member of the Varsity Equestrian Team for 3 years. Her junior year she met Dan and after graduation in ’07 she moved to Connecticut to be with him and they were married in September 2010. Since graduation she has worked as a manager at Enterprise Rent a Car, assistant manager at TFS limited and as a riding instructor in Southport, CT.

Throughout high school and college Erin worked cleaning stalls, teaching lessons, managing farms in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. At 13, Erin started leasing a horse, and began to really understand the time and energy it took to care for horses. Erin bought her first, and current horse, Sprite at 17 and was lucky enough to keep her in the back yard of her mothers home. Sprite traveled with Erin to college and back and at most farms that Sprite was boarded at there was always ONE thing Erin wished she could have done a LITTLE bit differently.
These experiences became the basis for Erin’s dream of Silver Lining Stables. A custom plan for every horse. More work… Maybe. But the peace of mind of having your every wish come true for the care of your horse is well worth the extra work.

About Dan Gordon:

Dan spent his young life in Trumbull, CT. He began working at a bike shop in Stamford at the young age of 15. He met Erin while at Roger Williams University, and has also attended University of Utah.

Dan’s hobbies include mountain and road bike riding, skiing, and also firefighting, his current profession.
Though Dan doesn’t have a history with horses, he will often be found around the farm helping out, and throwing balls for the dogs, Flash & Daisy.

Dan & Erin