Fairfield County’s Premier Horse Boarding Farm

Silver Lining Stables provides meticulous, individualized horse boarding and leasing services in Monroe, Connecticut, just outside of Fairfield. We know how much your horse means to you and we take great care to make sure all of your care instructions are followed to the letter. If you are a rider seeking the best boarding experience possible for your horse, as well as training services and facilities so you can perfect your performance, you’ll find it at Silver Lining Stables.

We know that just like every owner, every horse is different and requires different types of care. You know your horse best and that is why we give each horse the same individual care and attention that their owner provides. Silver Lining Stables provides covered boarding, blanketing, the best feed and a wide expanse of beautiful countryside for exercise. All activities are scheduled to create a low-stress environment and keep horses from getting anxious. Every rider, trainer and boarder who visits Silver Lining Stables is like family and treats all of our horses with respect and individualized care and attention.

You won’t find a lot of hidden fees or extra costs with us. What you will find is a high-end experience unlike any other, and a relaxed, comfortable and backyard family farm atmosphere that is the perfect place for your horse to get the care and attention it needs.

Learn more about horse boarding with Silver Lining Stables and horse leasing near Fairfield, Connecticut by calling us today at 203-445-6318.